The Making of MUNA : Part 2
March 8, 2015

Please enjoy The Making of Muna Part 2. This video along with Part 1 which aired previously, was created by film makers Zohreh Shayesteh and Malika Weeden. A great debt of gratitude is sent in their direction. I am so glad I asked my friend Zohreh to join us on our travels during the making of MUNA, not just for the pleasure of her company which in itself would had been enough, but also to capture what was happening at the time. The making of MUNA was the most magical, enjoyable and exciting record making process I have ever experienced and I am grateful I have this beautiful piece of film-making to look at and bring myself back to those days from time to time. What I love most about Zohreh’s approach to making documentaries, is her way of looking at the world and the people who’s stories she tells. To her, there is nothing ordinary about anything or anyone. She sees the uniqueness in all things, and that is a very special gift to the world. The world that often pressures us to add and subtract in order to be worthy of being seen. I am also grateful for Malika Weeden’s contribution. She did a wonderful job editing the footage and piecing it all together. It makes me happy to share these memories with you. May they bring you closer to the story of MUNA, and the stories you are currently writing in the book of your life. Each of these is unique and worthy of being lived to the fullest. May you love your life.