This Right Here – Lyrics

Anything that i could say right now,
Would only be a pale reflection of what I feel.
Won’t you let me just look at you,
Our eyes are the windows to
Our souls, and they will show,
One another all there is to know,
About the things that I’d like you to uderstand.
Hold my hand and listen with your skin,
Let your inner senses take me in, and
We will go beyond words.

Like a wish that’s remained consealed,
Like a wound that has never healed,
In the secret language of the heart
I summoned you to me as the missing part
Of my life’s design,
Your destiny’s linked with mine,
Look at the stars- it’s written there,
That you and I were meant to share,
A sense of belonging that,
We will not find elsewhere.
I’ll say a prayer,
As I light these candles for you,
An offering to your unspoken wish coming true, but
The present is the gift.
Yeah, this right here,
This right here, this right here.

Drawing by Mary Reynolds. Text by Marketa Irglova.