The Way – Lyrics
I long to kiss you and hold you,
Wearing nothing but the moonlight,
Until the sun’s out,
By then my hands shall know you better than,
You have ever known yourself.

You know that I could move my hips,
Make you melt beneath my fingertips,
Shape you with my breath and song,
Have you put your hands where they belong,
God, give me a reason, any reason will do!
To stay and watch the sunrise, and
Dive into the blue ocean that knows me,
How softly it calls me,
Lovingly leading me astray…
Yet I know I will regret it,
If I let it take me away.

But there is no wrong if there is no right,
There’s only the alternative versions of
What will happen here tonight…
If it be your will that it be my choice,
Why should there be a price to pay,
For following your voice?

I, I am, I am the way,
I, I am, I am the life,
I, I am, I am the truth,
Adam and Eve in their garden without strife.