The Season – Lyrics
The days in the country leave me yearning for
What the changing season signifies,
I will soon be seen returning
To feast my eyes.

On the newest fashion straight from Paris,
Finding its spotlight at the ball,
The city makes my heart beat faster,
As I recall.

I wonder if you might even feel me,
Before the news of my arrival reached your door,
The last time you saw me I was a child still,
I am one no more.

Now everything I ever dreamed of,
Is standing right in front of me,
Nothing ever comes so easy,
Nothing ever is for free, but
Could it be?

I wanted to say how much I loved you,
I wanted to know if you felt the same,
I had hoped to dance with you all evening,
It is why I came.

I wondered if you should like to kiss me,
If you had thoughts of me when you lie in bed, but
I shall have to kiss the pages of your letters instead.

And now everything I ever wanted
Is fading right in front of me.
Nothing ever comes so easy,
Nothing ever is for free,
It couldn’t be…

If only love was more like dancing,
Beautiful and full of grace,
No trying too hard or pretending,
Feeling out of place.

Love is confusing,
In so many ways…
I will still cherish,
These summer days.