Remember Me – Lyrics
I’ve always loved you, and
I always will.
Deep down I knew I’d find you if I just stood still,
For long enough to feel you in a state of passing bliss,
And all the while praying “Please, let me hold on to this,”
And with that you would fade away before I could count to three,
A single thought remaining, “Remember me…”,
Remember me…
Move into me, into my warmth,
All that’s good within me I’m bringing forth,
My arms extended to welcome you, and
Hold you in a tight embrace the way it’s long been overdue.
I can see you standing across the void of time,
I’m looking up, you’re looking down,
I can climb this mountain if I break all ties,
That hold me to the ground and claim that I may never ever rise,
High enough to collect you unto me,
The body’s heavy, while the spirit’s free,
I am released from it, when I sleep at night and
Travel to you swiftly like a comet burning in its flight,
There is no such thing as time in the spirit world,
We sail the skies of presence, our wings ever unfurled,
Let me wake up just this once with the faintest memory,
And I’ll set out to find you, knowing you’re out there awaiting me,
If you recognize me before I do,
Come say hello, I’ll say It’s good to see you too.
All that longing, all this time,
Can I be yours? Will you be mine?
I’ve always loved you, and
I always will…
Always will, always have…
Always will, always have…