Only In Your Head – Lyrics

Right now it’s
only in your head, but

That might very
well be all it’s gonna take

To make it come to
pass, but

Is that really
what you’d like, and

If not, why occupy
your mind with it at all?

Thoughts grow just
as easily as grass.

As easily as

If you don’t want
it in your garden,

Why plant the

Why water

Whey tend to it?

Well it is all in
your hands, and

There is no one
but yourself that you can blame

For all that you

Maybe our actions
are what counts, and

Not all that we
might think or feel or say, but

Don’t they all

I know it’s easier
said than done, but

Has there ever
been a struggle

You thought you
wouldn’t overcome, but

No, looking back
you see it’s clear

Things could have
turned out better

If it wasn’t for
the fear.