My Roots Go Deep – Lyrics
I keep it on,
This ring, a feather of a swan,
You gave to me some years ago,
In the land of fire and snow.
In those days we burned brighter than the sun,
when we came together as one.

Can’t take it off,
This weathered token of our love,
You made for me when we were new,
From threads of dreams in shades of blue.
In those days we made circles ‘round the moon,
And those times were over too soon.

But Lord, I do not weep upon waking from a sleep,
Dreaming of heaven,
For I remember all too well how close heaven is to hell,
And all of them crash landings I’ve endured.
I am letting down my roots,
I am getting good at being still,
I have stopped chasing after things,
I am like the church upon a hill,
I allow all things to come to me,
I am a tall and mighty tree,
I can weather any storm, ‘cause
My roots go deep, my roots go deep,
My roots go deep, my roots go deep,
My roots go deep, my roots go deep.
My roots go deep…

Don’t you ever wish there was a word,
In a language everybody understands,
You could say when words were not enough,
To explain to others what your heart commands.
By uttering the word our hearts would open,
Communicating freely without fear,
The fear we’ve held about speaking our truth,
When it might be difficult to hear.
We would find it easier just to listen,
Synchronized in every single beat,
In a place of purest Love and deepest wisdom,
Maybe we would finally get to meet.