Love Stayed With Me – Lyrics
No one is immune to love once it finds you,
It softens you in ways only love knows how to,
All the while it gives you strength,
Makes you feel like there is nothing you can’t do,
Maybe that is why I never saw it coming,
Losing you…
And though I lost you, love stayed with me,
I wished for it to go, leave me numb and empty
But it won’t dwindle away,
Though time’s been long and distance wide,
When I close my eyes I still feel you
By my side…
It seems I’ll always love you and want you to return,
OK, whatever love is here to teach me, I will learn…
You can plead, you cry,
When time has come to say goodbye,
But you can’t hide from the pain you feel,
Can’t kiss the ground before you kneel,
Kneel and bow down low,
Love is queen, may she soften every blow.