High & Dry – Lyrics

Who will dance with you,
When you’re left high and dry?
You had your eye on a boy, but
Now you’re feeling shy,

‘Cause he is courting a pretty girl,
Who lives right next door,
He is waltzing her ‘round and
‘Round the dance floor, and

You get up to leave, and
Out the door you fly,
While he runs after you saying,
“Don’t leave without a goodbye!”
“Goodbye then, have a good night,
I’l be on my way,
The party is nice but I’m afraid
I can’t stay,
‘Cause I’ve got things that I need to do…”
“Goodnight then, I will be thinking of you…

Let me walk you home”, he said,
“The night is dark and cold,
Or come on back inside,
See how the night may unfold…”,
You said “I think you have a girl inside,
Waiting for you,
Besides I’ve been walking myself home
Since before I knew you.”
“At least take my sweater,
It will help you stay warm!”
“Oh what good is a sweater,
In a summer storm…”
A summer storm…

“You will get your clothes wet,
Oh dear God!
What a pretty picture!
How will I ever get you off of my mind,
With that image –
Stuck in my head ?!

Running through the forest,
The moonlight illuminating your skin,
The dress you’re wearing,
Looking like a fairy,
Dancing and laughing,
Casting a spell…

Please do not go yet, I beg you!
I will do as you ask,
Tonight I am all yours!
We could stay here,
Or go someplace else,
Tell me what you want!”