Alchemy of Love – Lyrics
Here’s what I know,
From the moment that I saw you,
I knew you were a brother to me,
We embraced lovingly…
Why do people assume,
There’s only one way that can go?
Don’t they know about the alchemy of love?

You meet the love you feel inside,
Like a mighty wave that you have learnt to ride,
You give it wings and let it soar,
Then ground it deep within your core,
Knowing it could never leave you,
For this love is who you are,
Don’t let your mind deceive you
Thinking you need go looking far outside of you,
For a love so true.

You have been awoken,
From a dream in which you’d spoken,
Of longing and awaiting,
A quest as futile as frustrating.
Well you’re dreaming no more,
As you come knock on my door.
If I let you in,
Will you…