Hello and Welcome
July 6, 2014

Marketa_Irglova_Promo_1_HordurSveinsson_loresIt is wonderful that you have found your way here, giving me an opportunity to introduce you to my new record MUNA, which is coming out this fall. It has been ready and waiting for some time now for its moment to be heard and it brings me much joy and excitement that the time has come, for I have been excited to share it with you.

In preparation for its release we have put together this website, in order to make information more accessible and establishing contact much easier. Here, you will be able to see the list of records I have worked on, read the lyrics to my songs, find out about upcoming tour dates, read my blog, and reach out, should you wish to. I feel very blessed to know that there are people in the world who connect and find resonance with what I do, and I am always open to having a clear channel of communication with you. I do what I do for and because of you. I am here for you, as you are and have been there for me.

This record is a journey I would like you to embark upon with me. It is a story, with every song a chapter, connected to the one which follows it and that which came before it, and yet each is also a story of its own and can be taken out of the context of the whole, its message remaining intact. The stories will be different for each of you, for if you let the music in, it will pass through your own filters of experiences, memories, beliefs, thought patterns and feelings to evoke images, and project them onto the backdrop of your mind, and you can sit back and watch the movie of your own making with your inner sight. In this way, many things that have been hidden or altogether forgotten can come to light and be remembered.

I feel that those of us who look for a direction, striving to stay the course on the path of righteousness, often find that there is a lack of guidance in these matters. A lack of teachers to learn from, masters to be initiated by, beacons of light to follow. Experiencing this void, we are forced to look inwards. To connect with our own sense of ‘knowing’, to trust ourselves, to rely on our inner compass for guidance. Once this connection is established, we seem to come upon books we benefit from reading, music we benefit from hearing, people we benefit from meeting. We start hearing answers to our questions and in the end find also that when the pupil is ready, the teacher appears, although keeping an open mind about the form a teacher can take is of the essence. Sometimes, we need not look far, for much can be learned from a simple observance of nature, for example, or from children, who still remember much of what we have already forgotten. Other times, we only need a small nudge, a little bit of encouragement, a sign.

The other day I was walking through Reykjavik, a town in Iceland in which I now live. It was early in the morning on a week day and there were very few people in the streets. Normally I would be sleeping, but my little seven month old daughter got me out of bed early and communicated her desire to go outside. She is not an early riser, so this was a break in the routine for us both, which is perhaps what put me in a rather thoughtful, almost meditative state as I put one foot in front of the other on our walk. I noticed a sign in one window which read: ‘If you’re looking for a sign, this is it.” In a way, this could be the only thing to say about MUNA, for that is the purpose I’d like it to serve for you. For whether it found you or you found it, I sincerely hope you get something meaningful out of it. That you may be inspired by it. Or comforted. Whatever it may bring you, I thank you for bringing yourself to it.

With love,

Photo by Hordur Sveinsson.