‘LILA’ – Available Aug. 19th

Released: August 19th, 2022
Covert art by Nahid Hagigat

LILA (2022) is the third in a trilogy of solo albums, presenting a dreamlike collection of songs on the theme of Love, in all its guises: False love. Vulnerable love. Imagined love. Filial love. Childlike love. Parental love. Sensual love. Young love. Past love. True love. Purest love. Confusing love. Romantic love. Unitive love. Eternal love.

“It gives me great joy to be able to release this body of work into the world after all this time of gathering life experiences, digging deeper, connecting to something higher and allowing for something beautiful to grow from the journey, which was not always an easy and comfortable one, but challenging and difficult one too. The alchemy of transmuting base matter into purer forms, is my favorite part of the kind of songwriting I try and perfect over time. Mio has done an excellent job translating my ideas into reality, and so I truly hope the result may resonate with you in one way or another. Thank you.”
– Markéta Irglová, 2022


“Many continue to perceive me as GIRL from Once even today, with much affection, granted, but nevertheless confusing a part of me with the whole of me. It has often made me pause to wonder if we ever really see anyone wholly. We fall in love with fantasies, we befriend illusions, we are fascinated by what we can not name and most importantly, we continue to form an idea of who we are based on the reflections of ourselves we catch in the world around us which constantly mirrors our every thought, and our every intention. To truly see and be seen is a thing to aspire to, in my opinion, for our imagination is limited and often blind to the marvels hiding in plain sight. We shall know one another by our heart, not our senses. The real you, and the real me. The heart is where love is. And love does not discriminate. Open your heart and see.”

– Markéta


The song is inspired by Markéta’s classical piano training, as well the recent Netflix series called Bridgerton, a re-imagined period drama series from a time filled with letters, ballrooms, conversation and promenades, daydreaming about love and freedom, imagining all that could be while constricted by rules, society’s expectations and family obligations.


“This song is a summary of the growth and maturation that has taken place within me in the past few years. Realizing that holding peace and grace is a wiser goal than chasing happiness. For while we can’t avoid the pendulum of our lives constantly swinging from one side to the other, between joy and sorrow, light and dark, we can practice holding peace in any circumstance. Growing roots and becoming our own centre, attracting all that is in our highest good to come to us. Understanding, in our wisdom, that all that happens does so to teach us, to help us grow, and to deepen our sense of compassion and solidarity towards one another.”

– Markéta



Mother, Marketa’s third single following Quintessence and Among The Living, is available now via Bandcamp and here at all streaming platforms.

“I wanted to write a tribute to my mother’s service to me. And in so doing, to write a tribute to all women who give of themselves in this way, selflessly and without expectation of any thanks or reward beyond that of raising a decent human being instilled with a capacity for compassion, tolerance and kindness…”

– Markéta


Among The Living, Marketa’s second single following the summer solstice release of Quintessence, is available now via all streaming platforms.

“I am hoping this song can spread some healing to people who are in pain. To help them feel a little better. To be reminded that they are not alone.”

– Markéta


Quintessence is available now through Marketa’s Bandcamp & via other streaming platforms here. Please find more about the song here and enjoy.

“May this song be a vessel to you and carry you on its wings. Lay down, close your eyes, listen, and give yourself permission to let go and lift off.”

– Markéta


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